Color Psychology

Deborah Features – Psychology that Colors Communicate in Meetings & Presentations – 4 page report by Jo Clary

Color affects us in many ways. We are affected both physically and psychologically by color which assists in determining our mood, feelings towards others and the reaction others have towards us.

Over the last 2 decades I have had the benefit of working with top image consultants from all over the world. In Singapore, I have found Jo Clary & F3 – Fast Forward Futures to be a very valuable resource for me and my clients.

At my request, Jo has created a special 4 page color psychology report for you.

In it you will discover…

1. What Colors To Wear For Interacting With Women
2. What Colors To Wear For Interacting With Men
3. Colors for Brainstorming or Creative Meetings
4. Colors for Business Meetings or Luncheons
5. Colors to Wear when Promoting or Selling a Product or Service
6. What Colors to Wear when Public Speaking
7. What Colors to Wear in Front of a Camera

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